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Kimco CCTV has over 18 years experience in the security industry.  We provide installation and consulting services along with a wide variety of CCTV and other security products. 

We know that your main focus is the best product at an affordable price. We take pride in offering the latest in security technology that is good quality, consistently reliable at the best value.  Kimco CCTV does not sell the lower quality products that the big box stores and your neighborhood home improvement stores sell. We buy our products directly from the manufacturer thereby giving us the ability to keep our prices competitive while still offering high quality products. 

Regardless of whether you are an individual homeowner looking to protect your investment or a corporation looking to protect your assets, Kimco CCTV is the right choice to meet your security needs! 

Give us a call at 704-918-4246 or Toll Free at 877-26-KIMCO (54626) and find out how we can help you secure your property or business today!

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